Digital Assets Are Here, Now

Today, blockchain is consistently brought up as the technology catalyzing the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies are currently being developed and implemented by the biggest and smallest of enterprises, financial institutions, central banks and governments around the world.

Some of the most proven use cases include agricultural supply-chain management and food safety, tokenization of real estate assets, foreign exchange transactions, immutable voting, interbank settlements, securing patient data and land registry. And the list goes on.

“Then why haven’t I noticed?” you may ask. Blockchain will have reached its tipping point of mainstream acceptance when people are using blockchain without knowing they’re using blockchain, once the technical aspects of how it works have faded into the background, when it’s simply part of daily life. That said, Big Business is already deeply engaged in leveraging this revolutionary tech, innovating and building the foundational aspects for the new world ahead.

If you’re the type of person who might have been surfing the web on a Netscape browser, or you’re “hodling” the dotcom bubble stocks you bought at $6 a share, you’re the trailblazing type who will be on the cutting edge of this technological revolution as well.

As a blockchain advisor and investor, I find the most compelling personal use cases to be those in which blockchain can make life better, easier, safer, more efficient or all of the above. I am personally invested through my professional work in advancing enterprise blockchain applications in the marketplace and also hold a small portfolio of cryptoassets. Now that we’re in the longest bull market in American history since WW2, more investors are becoming disenchanted with equity markets given recent volatility and are seeking out alternative investment options with low correlation to the stock market, to protect their portfolio against potential economic…

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