Digital Artist Bags $900,000 From Banksy Style NFTs

Key Takeaways

  • A digital artist has made over 447 ETH from selling NFTs depicting a similar style to Banksy.
  • The artist is using the moniker “Pest Supply” and appears to have donated some profits from the sales to Save The Children.
  • Several clues suggest that the artist is an impersonator. OpenSea has also removed their listings.

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Either Banksy has joined the NFT bandwagon, or someone is attempting to emulate his work. 

Banksy Style NFTs For Sale 

Someone is selling a series of NFTs that bear a close resemblance to Banksy. 

They began listing artwork under the pseudonym “Pest Supply” on the NFT marketplace OpenSea yesterday. Banksy runs a not-for-profit company called Pest Control, which acts as an official authenticator for his artwork. 

One piece in the collection featured an art canvas with the phrase “I can’t believe you morons actually buy this NFT shit.”  

Source: Rarible

Word of the listings soon spread to Twitter, with some speculating whether the artist was the real Banksy or not. 

However, one sharp-eyed user with the Twitter name @defibull2 pointed out that an address associated with Pest Supply’s address had been selling other NFTs and Ethereum Name Service tokens on OpenSea.

They found the addresses using Etherscan. If Banksy was to move on-chain, they argued, it’s fairly unlikely that he’d also start flipping other art and ENS names for a profit. 

The address they used is currently sitting on 17.8 ETH, but it shows a series of transactions for 429.5 ETH to a new address. With ETH crossing $2,000 earlier today, the total is worth the equivalent of around $900,000. 

Artist Makes Donations 

When suspicions of the artist’s links to Banksy arose, OpenSea removed their listing. 

Pest Supply then started listing their work on Rarible. 


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