Devs Plot Launch of Telegram’s Blockchain Without Company’s Involvement

A U.S. court order may have barred Telegram from launching its blockchain, but that doesn’t mean others can’t.

So says the TON Community Foundation, a group of more than two dozen software developers and investors, who are now discussing possible ways to launch the Telegram Open Network (TON) without the messaging platform’s participation.

“We consider it seriously,” the group’s founder, former communications manager at TON Labs Fedor Skuratov, told CoinDesk. The community is now discussing options and no final decision has been made, he said.

On Tuesday, New York Southern District Court judge Kevin P. Castel ruled in favor of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which asked the court to deem Telegram’s blockchain tokens, named grams, securities, and to halt their issuance to investors in the $1.7 billion token sale.  Telegram filed a notice that it would appeal the decision.

The foundation’s response underscores the limits of government powers to regulate open-source technology. As with 3D-printed firearms, the state can stop specific individuals or groups from running code but if it’s in the public domain, others can take up the mantle.

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According to Skuratov, all the code needed to launch TON is already out there, published previously by Telegram. The community would only need generate the first batch of transactions, or genesis block, and provide at least 13 computers known as validators to run the network.

“Strictly speaking, no additional measures are required to launch TON by the community, except for a consensus within the community. But in order to get recognized, we will need to come to an agreement with investors (at least, with a majority of them),” Skuratov said.

The move would be similar to hard forks, or splintering into separate networks, some other blockchains went through. One key difference in TON’s case is that the mainnet, or live version of the network,…

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