Developing Bitcoin With Ben Carman – Bitcoin Magazine

In this episode of Bitcoin Magazine’s “Meet The Taco Plebs,” I was joined by the homie Ben Carman. I’ve been interacting with Carman on Bitcoin Twitter for the past couple of years and he is someone who I’ve even met in person via a conference. Carman has been contributing a lot to helping develop Bitcoin by working on Bitcoin Core, Wasabi Wallet and now as a developer at Suredbits.

In this podcast, we discussed how Carman got into Bitcoin and fell down the rabbit hole, after hearing about it a few times early on in Bitcoin’s past. We discussed what he was involved in before Bitcoin and the kind of work he did, and how that helped him transition into developing in this space. We then dove into what he’s working on currently at Suredbits.

Carman walked through his past and what his beliefs on life were before Bitcoin, and just how much they’ve changed. We discussed the problems that are in society today and why they exist. We came to the conclusion that the Federal Reserve and fiat money are at the core of all our problems, and Bitcoin fixes this.

Below are some of Carman’s best thoughts shared during the interview. And be sure to check out the full episode for more.

How Did You Find Bitcoin And Fall Down The Rabbit Hole?

“I got into Bitcoin in November of 2017. I had heard about Bitcoin many times before and was told it was the future of money, but had never looked into why that was and what makes it important and a necessary upgrade.

“During the 2017 bull market, I heard about the price so I bought a little and started watching some Andreas videos, I quickly fell down the rabbit hole taking the orange and red pill in one gulp. Initially the tech was really interesting for me, but finding the econ side of it was what has kept me interested.

“I was a total Bernie Bro before I got into Bitcoin and always assumed all the economic problems in the world should be solved through more taxation and…

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