Despicable Landlords Evict Doctors as India’s Coronavirus Panic Escalates

  • Indian doctors fighting against coronavirus are being evicted.
  • The government has taken note of the ostracization and is taking action.
  • Doctors’ morale needs to be high given the country’s poor health infrastructure.

As India goes into a three-week lockdown to keep a handle on the growing cases of the novel coronavirus, a new problem that could potentially derail the country’s efforts has emerged.

Doctors and healthcare workers who are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic are being evicted from their homes by their landlords.

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Doctors forced out of their homes as coronavirus panic intensifies

Various reports of doctors and other medical professionals being forced out of their houses by landlords have emerged in the past few days. The landlords fear that the healthcare workers are prone to infection by the novel coronavirus as they work on the frontlines.

This has left evicted doctors and healthcare workers in the lurch. The country’s premier medical institution – the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) – reports that healthcare professionals have been stranded on roads with their luggage across the country.

In a letter to home minister Amit Shah and other government officials, Dr. Adarsh Pratap Singh, the President of the Resident Doctors’ Association of AIIMS wrote:

Doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers involved in Covid care are being asked to vacate their rented homes and some have been even forcefully evicted from their temporary residence by landlords and house-owners due to the fear that those healthcare professionals make them susceptible to coronavirus infection.

The letter also added that “many doctors are now stranded on the roads with all their luggage, nowhere to go, across the country.”

The letter also highlighted the problem of transportation that doctors are facing. The 21-day lockdown means that public transport will be severely limited. As a result, healthcare professionals are facing…

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