Desperate for imminent dismissal, actor Stênio Garcia is cast in next job

Regardless of the age group, an artist – be it a singer, actor, writer or similar – is consecrated with his career and with the approval of the public that honors him. The actor Stênio Garcia, with his 88 years of age, has a professional curriculum and performance that few can achieve.

Mainly recognized in Television, the capixaba actor surprised throughout this week when he made a serious and dramatic request, recorded in a shared video and spread by his wife, Marilene Saade.

In it, Stênio reveals that TV Globo planned to revoke his employment contract with the broadcaster. He was warned that if he was not cast for some artistic work until March 30, he would be removed from Globo’s board.

In addition to the coronavirus problem that chooses him as a risk group and adopting quarantine, Stênio was scared by the possible abandonment / helplessness. Without the prospect of a job, the actor had no alternative but to open up his life reality.


In the video, Stênio mentions his age and the time he worked as an actor, as it is almost 70 years of dedication to the profession.

Hired by Globo since 1973, the artist reiterates the request that some screenwriter or author of Soap operas write a paper for him.

“My job, as you know, is my life. And I depend on it to stay alive. Thank you very much ”, said in a certain part of the video.

His last performance is very recent, when he participated in the series “Daughters of Eva”. The last scenes were recorded last February.

A few days after the end of the recordings, he received the notice of the end of the contract. Shaken by the news, he needed to be medicated, as he had high blood pressure.

Glory’s hand

Stênio Garcia sought help from colleagues and, by contacting the novel writer, Glória Perez, obtained the salvation and the relief of not losing his job.

Glória Perez spoke to Globo about a project that would debut in 2021.

In the middle of the conversation, he asked for Stênio to be cast in the cast of this new project.

Inside the station, Glória enjoys prestige and it is not the first time that she has taken this type of attitude. The author has already made similar gestures with other professional colleagues of Stênio Garcia.

Situation on both sides

It is no secret that TV Globo has dismissed many actors from its cast since the end of last year. Everything to balance finances and accounts. If artists used to get paid before, even without working, that has changed a lot in recent times.

In turn, it is inevitable that the Capixaba actor will take a “hook” and be quarantined at his site in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro.

It is the weight of age.

But, in addition, one cannot deny the surprise and amazement in relation to the economic instability of the actor enshrined in television, cinema and theater. Most likely, the public thought that Stênio had a situation solid economic and financial, with money saved and a peaceful life.

When mentioning that his retirement of R $ 5,000 was insufficient, Stênio Garcia went deep into the problem and declared that this amount is spent on medicines for him and his wife, Marilene Saade. He said that he financially supports his children and grandchildren and, in addition, he lost R $ 150 thousand in an investment made with real estate in the plant.

For some, Stênio Garcia is the personification of the one who receives the money and then spends it, being immediate and spendthrift. It saves and saves nothing. For others, Stênio adds a list of Celebrity in which a perfect and full life is supposed, full of smiles and photos. Behind the cameras and the spotlight there are concerns, problems, bills, illnesses and limitations.

He was lucky; however, his case is not the only one, since there are so many other artists in need of saving help and who have fallen into oblivion; without salary and without work. Inevitably, a serious health issue affecting the world and a persistent economic crisis in Brazil must be added.

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