Democrats are the “Russian Bots” Promoting Trump

  • The Trump-Ukraine impeachment push is crowding out media coverage of 2020 Democratic candidates.
  • Even as Democrats continue to blame 2016 on “Russian bots” promoting Trump, they’re the ones giving him the lion’s share of publicity.
  • Studies show media coverage correlates tightly with poll results, and confirm that’s how Donald Trump won in 2016.

House Democrats have raised the stakes in their bid to impeach President Donald Trump. The House Intelligence Committee’s Trump-Ukraine report released Tuesday accused Trump of committing serious political crimes.

In the first hearing before the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday, Democrats fielded a panel of legal scholars calling Trump’s actions on Ukraine an impeachable abuse of power.

How Impeachment Will Backfire in 2020

But the longer Democrats keep Trump in the hot seat, the more they cast him in the spotlight. That could even help him win reelection in 2020.

Democrats like Hillary Clinton have blamed Trump on a vast, shadowy conspiracy of “Russian bots” promoting him to voters on social media.

But Democrats themselves are the ones feverishly promoting Donald Trump going into 2020, just like they did in 2016. The impeachment hearings are crowding out media coverage of their own 2020 candidates.

Late last month, a White House columnist at The Hill sounded the alarm:

The sheer intensity of the spotlight on impeachment hearings on Capitol Hill is overshadowing the primacy process, even with the Iowa caucuses less than three months away.

That makes it more difficult for candidates to shift the trajectory of the race or have the kind of breakout moment that would change their fortunes at a stroke.

Media Coverage Correlates with Polls

The intensity of the Democrats’ push to impeach Donald Trump is hogging up the media’s attention. It makes the narrative about Trump, netting the president a fortune in free advertising as he campaigns for 2020.

Media coverage correlates very tightly with poll…

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