Demand for Charter Cities During Covid-19 Pandemic Grows Exponential – People Desire Semi-Autonomous Zones

For quite some time now, a number of libertarians, bitcoin evangelists, and blockchain entrepreneurs have been promoting the idea of charter cities and seasteading concepts. One such project, Pronomos Capital, has raised $9 million from heavyweight investors like venture capitalist Peter Thiel. Pronomos was incorporated in August by Patri Friedman, as the project is attempting to start sovereign charter cities in developing countries.

Bitcoiners and Libertarians Embrace Charter Cities In Order to Create Semi-Autonomous Zones Worldwide

In April 2019, the seasteaders and bitcoin entrepreneurs Chad Elwartowski and Supranee Thepdet, had their floating two-story home removed by the Thai navy. The floating seastead off the coast of Phuket lasted for some time but eventually, Elwartowski and Thepdet were coerced and threatened for living out at sea near the Thai borders. The concept of seasteading is similar to homesteading except the permanent dwellings exist at seas and outside a government territory. Another sect of seasteading and homesteading is the formation of Charter Cities.

Demand for Charter Cities During Covid-19 Pandemic Grows Exponential - People Desire Semi-Autonomous Zones
Seasteading and charter city concepts are growing far more popular during the Covid-19 pandemic. Pronomos Capital and Seasteading Institute founder Patri Friedman explained on June 15, 2020, that he has been inundated with requests in regard to learning more about charter cities during the last month.

Charter cities have existed for quite some time in the U.S., the U.K., and other regions around the world. The characterization of a charter city is defined by a charter document and the city’s rules are not necessarily defined by general law. A project called Pronomos Capital aims to take this concept to a more enlightened level by creating charter cities that leverage voluntary governance. The Pronomos project comes from the mind of Patri Friedman, the well known libertarian and Seasteading Institute founder. Patri Friedman is also the grandchild of Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton…

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