deFIRE Raises $5 million in Capital for Cardano DeFi Development

deFIRE, which is the decentralized smart order routing engine built to operate with Сardano, has announced a successful raise of $5 million in a pre-IDO funding round.

This influx of venture capital has happened before the platform’s token goes live on the OccamRazer trading platform.

In what promises to be a great addition to the Cardano ecosystem, deFIRE will be able to expand its operations, as the company works to create a smart order routing engine for the Cardano ecosystem.

Eric Benz, the CEO of Changelly, told media,

“We are thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of the private round led by some of the largest and most active investors in the rapidly expanding DeFi space. deFire leverages DLT and a contemporary market architecture to revolutionize the high-performance trading landscape by significantly and transparently enhancing order execution quality for institutions and individuals alike. Working alongside I am sure we will bring a lot of value and liquidity to the Cardano ecosystem.”

The investment was supported by some of the biggest names in finance. Hype Partners, Axia8 Ventures, Newtribe Capital, GenBlock, Sheesha Finance, IBA, Exnetwork, Nodeseeds, Morningstar, Cryptodromfund, SwissBorg Ventures, Lotus Capital, MoonWahle, and CoinsGroup all participated.

deFire is Making Decentralized Order Routing a Realty for Cardano

deFIRE is being incubated by and is powered by Changelly’s network which makes deFIRE’s goals achievable. The platform is basically a middleman in the transactional ecosystem and connects people who want to execute trades with the ability to make those trades happen.

Mark Berger, the President of the Occam Association, commented,

“DeFi is growing at an accelerated pace. Cardano will be the go-to destination for massive flows of on-chain liquidity once smart contracts are released. To accommodate most seamlessly the order flow aimed towards the Cardano-DeFi ecosystem it is crucial to offer optimal, trustless…

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