DeFi Lending Protocol for Digital Assets

EasyFi’s is growing in popularity alongside Decentralized Finance (DeFi). As its name suggests, EasyFi was created to improve existing DeFi capabilities, with the goal of making it much easier to operate in the world of DeFi.

With that vision, the EasyFi protocol has been built and introduced as a new universal crypto lending platform based on the existing DeFi ecosystem.

By constructing a Layer 2 Blockchain network using smart contracts, EasyFi is working to provide solutions for DeFi’s speed and cost challenges, and to enhance the scalability and integration with faster, cheaper tools.

EasyFi team’s hard work has paid off with a range of noticeable achievements:

  • Became the 1st DeFi lending protocol on a Layer 2 Matic Network to successfully integrate with Chainlink Price Oracles, Credit rating system, and On-chain Digital Identity Management system
  • Total Value Locked reached $40 million USD within 48 hours after being launched
  • Listed on a number of major exchanges, including Binance, BitMax, HotBit, and Probit
  • Attracted a global community of approximately 13,000 members and is expanding

About EasyFi

The EasyFi App
The EasyFi App

Blockchain agnostic

EasyFi is designed on a Layer 2 Blockchain on Matic Network, which has the ability to connect and interact with numerous other networks. It is open to working with just about any DeFi platform, which is great from a user’s perspective.

Ethereum compatibility & interoperability

To achieve the goal of strengthening the DeFi ecosystem, EasyFi’s core is based on Ethereum and utilizes its well-known advantages like smart contracts, while also compatible with the agnostic mechanism that enables cross-chain communication.

Staking & governance

EasyFi is working to build a DAO-like governance protocol. Through its native token $EASY, the platform grants its users the right to participate in voting for network decisions at multiple levels and get rewards for their contributions. Thanks to that, users are incentivized to join and remain with the…

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