Deep Rock Galactic Review – A Dwarf Is Always a Dwarf, Even in Space


Deep Space Rock

May 13th, 2020

Platform PC (Steam), Xbox One

Publisher Coffee Stain Publishing

Developer Ghost Ship Games

Dwarves and mines are a match made in heaven. These short but fierce creatures have a compulsive love for shiny rocks that makes them disregard event their own safety and even venture in outer space in pursuit of them. And we should be grateful they are so reckless, otherwise, we would have never gotten Deep Rock Galactic, one of the best co-op first-person shooters released in recent years.

Deep Rock Galactic stars a team of space dwarves employed by the titular intergalactic mining company, as they are sent to the planet Hoxxes IV, an inhospitable planet with rich material deposits. Inhospitable for dwarves but not for the alien creatures that inhabit its diverse biomes.

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Deep Rock Galactic isn’t going to be remembered for its story, as there simply isn’t one. The only thing you need to know that mining is quite a dangerous business, and intergalactic mining even more so. This is not to say that the game doesn’t have any personality, as the four dwarves, who are identified by their specialization – Gunner, Driller, Scout and Engineer, are memorable in their own way, making fun remarks every now and then to liven up the oppressive and claustrophobic atmosphere of the Hoxxes IV underground.

If the game is perhaps lacking in the story department, it definitely isn’t in gameplay. Deep Rock Galactic features an excellent co-op first-person experience that feels engaging, deep, and most of all, extremely fun.

The game does an excellent job of easing players into the experience with a tutorial mission that teaches all of the basics. No matter your chosen dwarf, you will be heading down some extremely dark tunnels, which can be lighted up for a short amount of time with flares, navigate caves with the help of the handy Terrain Scanner,…

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