Decentralized Trading Competition + Yield Farming

The rampant growth of the DeFi space has fuelled increased financial activity. With a wide range of DeFi protocols, attracting participants to perform liquidity mining is quite a challenge. Moreover, the base of any successful DeFi project is massively dependent on its on-chain financial activity measuring its growth dynamics over the course of time. One of the significant aspects that a DeFi protocol must focus on is drawing enough liquidity to suffice the on-going demand.

One of the interesting methods to do so is by introducing innovative yield farming strategies to incentivize users to supply liquidity to the protocol. Lucrative rewards are distributed by various DeFi protocols in quest to attract liquidity for the long term growth of the project. However one of the downsides to the above process is only incentivizing participants who supply liquidity to the protocol. The fact that those generating actual demand are not incentivized, this makes the entire process flawed.

Introducing Pera Finance

Pera Finance is a first-ever multi-layered protocol that offers fully decentralized daily trading competitions with lucrative yield farming opportunities. It adopts an innovative mechanism of driving liquidity by attracting liquidity providers and traders through long-term farming rewards to participate in daily trading competition.

In other words, users can seamlessly participate in these decentralized competitions and explore opportunities in earning huge rewards. It’s easy to use model allows users to participate and earn rewards without much of a hassle. This is the first ever trader-oriented yield farming protocol in the DeFi era primarily focusing on rewarding the creators of actual demand in the ecosystem.

Pera Finance’s stellar team has constantly worked towards curating an innovative platform levelling up the DeFi space to propel mainstream adoption through real-time use cases driving the growth of DeFi applications.

Salient Features of trader-oriented yield…

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