Decentralized Data Storage + DeFi

Staking crypto has quickly become a popular technique for token holders to generate passive income without having to sell any of their holdings.

The YeFi staking platform is a terrific way to profit from the value of crypto assets in the long run, and earn some interest today. is a DeFi project at its core. In the future, other functions like a DEX, lending & borrowing, and NFT will be added.

Each function of the protocol will interface and integrate with external protocols as a core component of Lego DEFI.

Fundamentally, operates as a DeFi staking platform which allows users to put crypto assets in the YeFi Dapp.

App users can earn passive income, like many other staking pools. However, is an open-source and non-custodial protocol.

YeFi dApp

The YeFi dApp is simple to use which is fully adaptable with BSC, and accessible from any wallet that supports BSC.

The ease of use and robust security that distinguishes from the DeFi crowd is worth noticing.

Beosin, an external blockchain audit company, thoroughly audited the smart contract and found it to be secure and exploit-tolerant. eliminates the possibility of impermanent loss, giving it a significant security advantage over other DeFi tools.

The project’s development story is another distinguishing feature. has appeared as a nexus point for two dominant players in the digital world that are decentralized finance and decentralized data storage.

The Team

The creators of have blended the best of both areas to produce a one-of-a-kind DeFi solution that aims to aid the development of decentralized data storage systems through decentralized finance.

The YEFI team takes an energetic and measurable approach to governance. They feel that their goals and fundamental concepts are important, and that effective community governance cannot be executed in a DEFI project without a solid finance model.

As a result, the development team will be actively participating in…

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