data shows Ethereum is a hedge against global volatility

Bitcoin bulls have long been pointing to its potential as a “digital gold” as one reason why it will eventually garner widespread adoption. In spite of this, there has been conflicting research regarding this notion, and the potential for other major cryptocurrencies – including Ethereum (ETH) — to be safe-haven assets has often been overlooked.

Now, however, one research group is explaining that Ethereum may provide a notable hedge against intraday volatility seen across multiple markets.

This claim, and the data backing it, may ultimately prove to be another selling point for ETH, adding to the growing list of reasons why the crypto has significant long-term prospects.

Data shows Ethereum is becoming a hedge against volatility in traditional assets

In a recent report from Artem Meshcheryakov and Stoyu Ivanov from San Jose State University, the two researchers take a data-driven approach on analyzing whether or not Ethereum can be categorized as a hedge or safe-haven asset against volatility seen across multiple markets.

The methodology used to reach their conclusions is carefully detailed throughout the report, with data being pulled from five-minute pricing intervals between Dec. 12, 2017, and Dec. 31, 2018.

In conclusion, by comparing a variety of details surrounding Ethereum’s price action to that of the US stock market, gold, and the US Dollar, they found that the cryptocurrency is quickly becoming a hedge, safe haven, and diversifier across these markets.

“We find that Ethereum…can serve as an intraday hedge against the US stock market and against the gold. Also, Ethereum may serve as an intraday safe haven against gold markets. When currency markets are concerned, we document that Ethereum tend to act as a diversifier on intraday basis for the US Dollar.”

ETH’s long-term outlook continues growing bullish

The above conclusion is certainly bullish for Ethereum, as it now appears that its growing status as a hedge against global economic turmoil…

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