Dash launches new network-controlled investment fund

The Dash team announced today the launch of a new network-controlled investment fund, The Dash Investment Foundation. Following nearly a year of preparation, the new investment fund gives the Dash network the ability to invest in higher-risk opportunities by allowing proposal owners to issue equity or other assets in consideration of network funding, or to invest in traditional asset classes on behalf of the network.

Dash masternode operators will elect the six supervisors that oversee the foundation. Key organizational and operational decisions would be put to the supervisors for approval by the foundation’s directors. Day-to-day powers will remain with the directors and investment manager. The supervisors may consist of virtually anyone trusted by the network to carry out supervisory duties, while the directors would consist of experts with the appropriate skills to oversee the investment funds.

“Dash is now the first cryptocurrency network with a proposal system capable of investing in its own ecosystem. No longer must all distributions from the proposal system be grants; rather, there’s new possibilities for entrepreneurs and the Dash network to partner and mutually benefit from the funding available through the Dash network. Perhaps most importantly, this capability has arrived in time to benefit developers looking to build applications on the Evolution platform.”

Ryan Taylor, Dash Core Group CEO

The Dash Core Group first proposed investigating the creation of a network-controlled investment fund in June 2018, with the aim of enabling the Dash network to invest in higher-risk opportunities by enabling proposal owners to issue equity or other assets in consideration of the network funding. Results from initial legal research were promising, and they were able to secure additional funding from the network in August 2018 to pursue the creation of the legal entity. Ryan Taylor will provide non-voting guidance and expertise to the Fund’s supervisors for…

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