DappRadar uncovers over $73 million in unaccounted Ethereum DApp volume

After adding ERC20 token tracking for all Ethereum dapps, data aggregator DappRadar uncovered $73 million in unaccounted for 7-day volume on the network. In a press release shared with CryptoSlate, the company said the increase in volume equates to $3.8 billion

Ethereum dapp ranking will now reflect real usage

While decentralized applications are still a relatively new industry, they have been making serious strides in the past year. But, with several major networks competing for the same share of the market, it’s becoming increasingly important to track these apps to determine which market segments are on the rise.

As the biggest and most dominant dapp platform, Etherum has been at the forefront of dapp development in the past couple of years, attributing over 60 percent of dapp trading volume on the market.

However, it turns out that Ethereum might be an even bigger player than previous data has suggested, as a new way of tracking showed that there are billions in unaccounted volume on the network.

According to dapp data aggregator DappRadar, from now on ETH dapps will be ranked on the total volume of all ETH-based ERC20 tokens passing through their smart contracts. While this is a small change in the company’s tracking metrics, it managed to paint a more realistic picture of the market.

In a press release shared with CryptoSlate, the company said DappRadar was the only company doing this and that a similar feature is currently live on EOS.

ETH dapp volume could reach $4 billion annually

Skirmantas Januskas, the co-founder and CEO of DappRadar, said that the new way of measuring dapp volume would increase the transparency of value creation on the Ethereum blockchain. This, he added, will be especially beneficial to decentralized exchanges that support ERC20 token trading.

DappRadar found that decentralized exchange (DEX) ForkDelta, which previously showed a 7-day ETH volume of $778,000, had an additional $16.8 million worth of weekly transaction volume on Nov….

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