DappRadar Discovers $3.8B Worth of Hidden Activity on Ethereum

Market analytics site DappRadar made a big disclosure earlier this week on Tuesday, November 19. DappRadar, which ranks and tracks decentralized apps recently discover $3.8 billion worth “hidden activity” on the Ethereum blockchain network.

Besides this, DappRadar also uncovered $73 million trading volumes in the last seven days, within Ethereum Dapps. Thus, after this finding, the Ethereum Dapps volume has reportedly surged from $27 million to above $100 million. Surprisingly, this finding has also taken Ethereum’s annual volume over and above $5 billion.

DappRadar discovered this activity after it started tracking Dapp activity based on the tokens passing through their smart contracts in addition to the user transactions. Thus, they discovered that the Ethereum network has a higher value than expected.

Currently, the address activity alone determines the Ethereum activity by measuring the number of users. But considering the tokens will now help to measure the economic activity of the network based on the total value of digital assets. Skirmantas Januskas, CEO and co-founder at DappRadar wrote:

“This will greatly increase the transparency of value creation on the Ethereum blockchain, especially for decentralized exchanges that support the trading of ETH-based tokens and the fast-growing DeFi category”.

To prove its findings, DappRadar presented an example of FordDelta. Earlier, FordDelta showed a weekly volume of $778,000. But after its tracking of smart contracts, it found an extra $16.8 million on the seven-day transaction volume. Another case was that of Oasis Trade. Previously, it showed $0 in volume but after tracking the value it has created, it found $2 million per day.

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