Daily Activities Like Grocery Shopping May Hold the Key to Bitcoin Adoption

Anyone involved or invested in the crypto industry or market has a desire to see Bitcoin succeed. Even those who prefer one of the thousands of altcoins over Bitcoin, do tend to understand that bitcoin adoption means overall crypto adoption, and the sentiment around the first-ever cryptocurrency typically controls the entire ebb and flow of the market.

But because the new technology is young and not yet understood by the masses, until it becomes part of everyday life and activities, it will struggle with adoption. This is why Bitcoin-rewards program Lolli has partnered with Safeway and Albertson’s supermarkets to launch a new initiative where customers can earn Bitcoin for shopping at one of the company’s 900 locations worldwide.

Lolli Teams Up With Safeway and Albertson’s In Major Retail Partnership

Bitcoin-based rewards program Lolli, which offers BTC back when making a purchase at a number of well-known retailers like Macy’s, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and dozens more, has today revealed a new partnership with grocery store chain Safeway and Albertson’s – two brands owned by investing giant Cerberus Capital Management.

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This latest move is in line with what Lolli CEO and co-founder Alex Adelman says is their goal in “trying to make Bitcoin accessible to everyone” and will expose the first-ever crypto asset millions of customers in over 900 of the supermarket locations.

While speaking on a segment on Yahoo Finance, Adelman says he’s trying to make “Bitcoin part of everyone’s daily life,” which he believes is the key to…

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