DAI Stablecoin’s Stability Fee Nears 20% After Latest MakerDAO Vote

The dollar-pegged stablecoin DAI is still trading below one dollar but is now considered to be in a “stable” position.

From 0.5 percent to now 16.5 percent, the Stability Fee has been increased 33 fold over the past three months. Now, MakerDAO token holders have again voted to increase fees by another 3 percent to sit at 19.5 percent.

According to meeting minutes published on Reddit, COO of the MakerDAO Foundation Steven Becker highlighted during today’s governance and risk call:

“In using the Stability Fee, progress has been made. The peg is stable, just a few percentage [points] below where it needs to be.”

Since February, token holders behind the primary lending platform for DAI issuance – MakerDAO – has been increasing what is called the “Stability Fee” in efforts to make DAI loans more expensive. In doing so, the aim is to retract market supply of DAI and push DAI price up to dollar valuation.

The outcome of this week’s vote according to head of community development Richard Brown was “a neck and neck race” between 2 and 3 percent. Starting Friday, a secondary vote will be held to execute this increase into the programmatic lending system.

Taking a step back, MakerDAO is the most popular decentralized finance (DeFi) application in the cryptocurrency space to date, according to crypto analytics platform DeFi Pulse. It holds over $300 million worth of ether, with the second most popular DeFI application – crypto lending application Compound – only holding about $33 million.

Soon, MakerDAO will also hold millions worth of other cryptocurrencies outside of ether through an ambitious upgrade to introduce what is called “multi-collateral DAI.” For now, the stablecoin DAI is solely backed by native ethereum cryptocurrency, ether, and has a fixed supply cap of 100 million.

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Given a persisting imbalance in DAI supply and demand, certain community members have advocated in the past that the supply cap on…

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