CZ Endorses Brave Browser (BAT) for Protecting Internet Privacy

In a major endorsement for online privacy, Binance crypto exchange CEO, Changpeng Zhao (CZ) advocated the use of privacy-centric web browser Brave (BAT) suggesting that the browser can help users protect their privacy online. CZ posted the tweet on April 10, 2020.

CZ Advocates Use of Brave Browser

Brave, a privacy-focused web browser that also rewards users in its native cryptocurrency – Basic Attention Token (BAT) – for viewing relevant advertisements, has unarguably emerged as one of the fastest-growing web browsers in existence.

The browser comes with an arsenal of exciting features that would win the fancy of any tech enthusiast. Brave features an in-built cryptocurrency wallet where users can store their BAT tokens. With BAT, users can choose to reward their favorite websites monetarily.

Now, in a major endorsement to the efficiency of the browser, Binance crypto exchange CEO CZ has posted a tweet encouraging users to use the privacy-enhancing web browser.

CZ tweeted:

As reported by BTCManager on March 24, 2020, Brave had partnered with Binance exchange to enable seamless cryptocurrency transactions in the browser. Specifically, the browser had integrated the exchange’s latest widget to grant users direct access to Binance and Binance.US’ sites.

The browser further added that with the addition of the Binance feature, user privacy will not be compromised. The Binance widget is a built-in one and not a loaded iframe, meaning that it will help users preserve their privacy. API calls will only be made into Binance if the user authenticates via OAuth and interacts with the widget.

Global Online Surveillance and Totalitarian Regimes Highlight Privacy Significance

With the exponential rise in Internet surveillance observed over the past few years, online identity and privacy have taken the center-stage among points of concern for web users.

The unprecedented growth of tech behemoths including Google and Facebook, and totalitarian regimes, has necessitated the need for tools ensuring the safety of user privacy over the Internet. Thankfully enough, there’s one such contender that puts user privacy at the top of its priority list in the form of Brave browser.

At press time, BAT trades at $0.15 with a total market cap of more than $232 million, as seen on CoinMarketCap.

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