CryptoKitties Are Leaving Ethereum – The Capital

Marko Vidrih

The Dapper Labs team, known after launching the blockchain game CryptoKitties, launched its own Flow Playground platform. The product is focused on the creation and issue of indivisible tokens (NFT) for unique collections or game items, as well as the launch of smart contracts.

The idea of ​​growing, crossing and creating new breeds of kittens, each of which was tied to a unique token, format ERC-721, caused an influx of users into the Cryptokitties application, which “hung” the Ethereum blockchain.

Miners had to expand gas limits to stop the growth of fees, increase the block’s throughput in order to get rid of the growing number of unconfirmed transactions in the network.

According to Dapper Labs, it was this moment that became the starting point for the development of its own Flow Playground platform. The product is aimed at the creators of decentralized games, giving them the opportunity to digitize game things and launch a marketplace with the possibility of exchanging or selling them.

Unlike Ethereum, users have the ability to cyclically change or restore keys without losing access to assets in the event of a wallet deletion or hacker attack. Developers Flow Playground proposed for writing smart contracts, the new language Cadence. It allows you to program specific functions for the virtual game environment.

Author: Marko Vidrih

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