Cryptocurrency mining malware on the rise

Security report: New Zealand well below global
average for cyberattacks, but cryptocurrency mining malware
on the rise

cybercriminals are turning their attention to stealthier
such as cryptocurrency

New Zealand consistently among the
least at-risk nations for cyberthreats;

risk should not create complacency, says Microsoft’s
National Technology Officer;

May 2019
– While New Zealand experiences far
fewer threats on average than its neighbours, Asia Pacific
continues to be an attractive region for cybercriminals.
Microsoft today unveiled the Asia Pacific findings from the
24th edition of its Security Intelligence Report (SIR), an
annual study aimed to improve cyber resilience in the

The latest SIR report comprises insights and key
trends from diverse sources, including 6.5 trillion threat
signals that go through the Microsoft cloud every day. Drawn
from data received between January and December 2018, the
report covers 15 Asia Pacific countries including New

The top cyberthreats New Zealanders face are
malware, cryptocurrency mining and ransomware. On the other
hand, drive-by downloads, when vulnerabilities in regular
websites are exploited to direct browsers to compromised
sites that infect their computers, remain a comparatively
low risk for Kiwis. New Zealand encounter rates are half the
global average.

“Undoubtedly, cybersecurity is one of
the most pressing issues for organisations today. As
cyberattacks continue to increase in frequency and
sophistication, understanding prevalent cyberthreats and how
to limit their impact has become an imperative,” said
Russell Craig, National Technology Officer for Microsoft New

“Our annual Security Intelligence Report aims
to keep pace with the ever evolving cyberthreat landscape by
highlighting the…

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