Cryptocurrency Market-Lending Promotion Launched by StormGain

Commonly regarded as a high-risk, high-reward investment option, cryptocurrencies are known for generating fantastic returns for some investors.

However, since mining profitability for most cryptocurrencies has been on the decline for several months, some investors are beginning to look for less-risky investment options in the space.

Recognizing this need for a low-risk (but still attractive) investment option, several platforms have begun offering investment packages that offer a respectable interest rate with little-to-no risk. The latest company to offer such a product is StormGain — offering a fixed 10 percent yearly interest on USDT deposits.

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New Lending Product Announced

Although 10 percent might sound small in comparison to potential profits that may be made from cryptocurrency trading, it is offered with absolutely no risk — making it an excellent option for those looking to earn a passive income from their savings.

According to a new announcement, StormGain users will not need to opt in to start receiving interest. Instead, all users that have at least 100 USD worth of cryptocurrencies deposited will automatically be enrolled in the promotion — whereas interest will be paid in tether (USDT) a maximum of 30 days after it begins accruing.

The promotion began on 28 October 2019 and will continue until 18 November 2019.

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StormGain vs the Competition

Although StormGain is a relatively new entry to the cryptocurrency investment space, its new lending promotion beats out the great majority of the competition — thanks, particularly, to its low minimum entry point and high-interest rate.

Using statistics taken from the CoinMarketCap investment page, we can get a clearer view of how StormGain’s new offering stacks up against other similar offers in several key areas.

Interest Rate

Looking at the absolute interest rate paid, StormGain offers all customers with at least 100 USD worth of cryptocurrencies in their site wallet a fixed 10 percent APR. This essentially…

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