Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are Cleaning up Their Act

Ask a dozen crypto traders for the reason behind the recent rally and you’ll get a dozen different theories. Bakkt futures, Microsoft building on Bitcoin and Whole Foods accepting crypto have all been cited as fueling the bull market that’s broken out. While these factors have certainly helped, there’s a less documented reason why the crypto market has renewed confidence: exchanges have cleaned up their act, turning what was once a hostile battleground into an arena that’s fit for purpose.

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The Three T’s That Define 2019’s Leading Exchanges

“Tier one” is a designation that’s traditionally been applied to the largest and most desirable exchanges for token listing. It’s a category where the likes of Binance, Coinbase, Bitfinex, and Bitstamp reside. But this year, tier one exchanges are defined less by their exorbitant listing fees, which in many cases have since been waived, but rather by their commitment to espousing the three T’s: transparency, trust, and true volume.

The first of these can be seen in the measures being taken by platforms such as Binance, and to a lesser extent Bittrex, to provide advance warning of large cold wallet movements to avoid spooking users. This is accompanied by frequent and detailed communication, particularly when things go wrong, such as in Binance’s $40M hack a fortnight ago. Although hacks are still as commonplace today as ever, at least now the crypto community is kept fully informed, rather than being left in the dark. Trading platforms such as Kraken and Poloniex have taken to publishing quarterly reports, much like those issued by publicly listed companies. Whether performed out of genuine care or a cynical attempt to ride the latest trend, this new culture of transparency has been welcomed by traders seasoned enough to recall Mt. Gox, Vircurex, and Btc-e.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are Cleaning up Their Act
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