Cryptocurrency Exchange Binapex Offers $50 Bonus Upon Registration

Binapex Introduction

The Binapex cryptocurrency exchange is a secure crypto platform that allows users to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies with ease.

Individuals that want to start using the platform can do so in just a few minutes by creating an account on the exchange.

Some of the most important features include crypto and token exchange, regular and margin trading and a bonus upon registration of $50. If you want to get this registration bonus, you should use the following promo code: 6bcc-b19e-c09b-3f1b.

Experienced and larger traders that use the platform will also have benefits for operating on the Binapex exchange.

Binapex Margin Trading

Given that users are searching for new trading strategies in a market that has been trading sideways for several months, users will be able to use margin trading with Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC).

This is a method that allows traders to borrow funds from the exchange and trade on the margin trading section.

As in every single trading platform, users will have to pay for the order they execute and a percentage for using borrowed funds to open a position. This is known as the maintenance margin, which can change over time.

Users will not only be able to open long positions but also short position, helping them handle their funds in a much more professional way.

However, it is always important to take into account that margin trading is very risky and users should be 100% sure about the risk related to investing with leverage.

Although the returns could be massive and attractive, the possibility of losing the funds increase as well. Moreover, positions that are open for a long time have to pay larger fees as well, which reduces the expected returns.

Binapex Security

Binapex is working in order to keep users’ assets safe and protected against attacks and malicious hackers. This is certainly important considering hackers have been stealing users funds from different crypto platforms.

One of the main features the…

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