Cryptocurrency altcoin season — knocking at the door or not?

Dropping the dominance of bitcoin indicates the session of the altcoin. Now the total number of cryptocurrencies is 5,164. All currencies have significant value and their own trading nature. Investing in the old coin sometimes gives you a higher return than bitcoin. You need to focus on the trading graph and see how altcoins are working with the bitcoin.

Last month, bitcoin adoption dropped below 61%, meaning the rest of the market captured by altcoins. 39% of the crypto market was acquired by Altcoin in mid-February. Market capitalization has reached more than $120 billion for altcoins. This massive surge in altcoin business indicated the altcoin 2020 session.

Later in the season, the price of bitcoin began to decline. The business shifted again to bitcoin for adaptation. As the price rose, the selling started with the purchase of bitcoin and altcoin by the trader. After a massive drop in Bitcoin price, traders began buying Bitcoin for future earnings.

Among the altcoins, the top ten altcoins control most of the sector. These are the popular altcoins like Ethereum, Tether, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin cash, etc. Bitcoin price fell by about $8,596 at the end of February. This declined more on March 2nd, 2020 where it hit the price of $8,506. This period, bitcoin supremacy was greater than 64%.

So what’s going to mean the season of Altcoin at the doorstep? It relies simply on the graph of dominance. Although Bitcoin captured more than 60% of cryptocurrencies market share. During the nine-day timeframe in March 2017, the last altcoin rise was the major decrease in bitcoin dominance. Bitcoin supremacy decreased from around 83 percent to just over 75% between March 9 and March 17. The dominance of BTC remained low until the summer of 2017. With the launch of Bitcoin Cash, the scaling debate came to an end and hope returned to the Bitcoin market.

There was an era when bitcoin dominated the market holding 96% of the market volume. As the year passes, the newly introduced…

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