Crypto Whale Moves Half a Billion Dollars in Bitcoin (BTC) – Plus Ripple, XRP, Litecoin and Ethereum

From a half a billion in Bitcoin on the move to a new way to buy BTC, ETH and XRP in Russia, here’s a look at some of the stories breaking in the world of crypto.


A series of colossal Bitcoin transfers has crypto traders on alert.

In less than one minute, a crypto whale moved 63,846 BTC worth a staggering $588.4 million in nine separate transactions.

The first transaction briefly triggered fears that a trader was gearing up to sell.

Here’s a look at all nine transactions, which happened between wallets of unknown origin at exactly 2:29 a.m. EST.

The crypto data company eventually traced the transfers to the crypto custody firm Xapo, which secures huge sums of crypto on behalf of institutional investors.

Coinbase recently acquired Xapo for $55 million, reportedly outbidding the trillion-dollar asset manager Fidelity.


Ripple’s fundraising and development arm Xpring says it’s investing an undisclosed sum of money in Keyless, a biometric authentication and identity company.

The company’s tech could one day make it easier for crypto holders to easily and reliably access their funds.

“By leveraging advancements in biometric technology, Keyless’ deep tech will eradicate unnecessary reliance on weak authentication methods — such as passwords, secret answers and recovery phrases.

Keyless removes the burden on organizations to store sensitive data on centralized servers, which are frequently targeted during cyber attacks.”

Keyless is currently in beta and has not announced an official release date.


New numbers are offering a glimpse at how much Litecoin fans of the Miami Dolphins are spending on raffle tickets.

Back in July, LTC was named the official cryptocurrency of the NFL team. Fans can buy raffle tickets using Litecoin and Bitcoin, with half of the…

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