Crypto Twitter just can’t get enough of John McAfee backed zombie coin

You really enjoyed last weekend’s ‘John McAfee hooks up with South China Zombie Research Centre‘ article. In fact, it was one of Coin Rivet’s most viewed stories from the past week.

So here’s an update. For those who missed our first post, McAfee announced he was taking on an advisory role with the brilliantly named South China Zombie Research Centre.

He will be helping the venture with the creation and promotion of its CZCOIN ($CZ). “I will be shilling them heavily. You have been warned. I want no flack. Thank you,” he tweeted.

When it was pointed out that these people believe zombies are real, we repeat REAL, McAfee responded: “I only take jobs that fascinate me. A company that, in all seriousness, insists that zombies exist and can be taught to use cryptocurrency – well – I’m fascinated. Who wouldn’t be?”

OK, so this past week, people had more questions about his latest project. Here is our pick of the big man’s responses.

It’s a nice little earner.

It could be ‘totally fraudulent’

Do the zombie movies reflect an exaggerated existing reality, or is the existing research into zombies a misguided effort based on the fiction of movies? Hmmm…

Oh, and cheers for the mention, John! What is the world coming to, indeed.

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