Crypto Token Backed by Ethereum Mining Operation is a newly launched project that aims to create profits from Ethereum and the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem, while providing an independent mining platform and token that is less influenced by the open market.

Working towards that vision, was announced in June 2020, introducing an efficient and competitive way of mining and yield farming ETH. stands out from other DeFi networks by building a token backed with “tangible real-world income-generating assets”, and using its GPU mining asset to generate value. has one of the largest GPU mining operations in the USA.

The $PYLON token is also unique. It is only semi-correlated to the price of Ethereum, which makes it more stable regardless of unexpected market fluctuations. While the price of ETH may fall, the profits from the mining operation won’t fall at the same rate.

Even in a bear trend, $PYLON’s price can be maintained compared with other cryptocurrencies.

What is All About?

The founder of is pseudonymously known as Grim Reaper, and together with a team with 6+ years of experience running the US’s largest GPU mining, the team has brought $PYLON to the market.

The team is dedicated to the project, as none of its members receive a distribution in the released tokens or any other compensation.

As the founders are equal to normal users, the team members will likely adhere to the ultimate goals of the project – as they would receive nothing if they left.

One more remarkable strategy that uses is a 100% crowdsourced implementation without any traditional advertising.

According to statistics, despite no presale, and no ICO, the project was able to gather $1.15 million USD completely by word of mouth. Besides, the team also started seven other farms to create a wider community in the crypto mining sphere.

The $PYLON Token is Built to Earn

$PYLON is the utility token issued by, and it…

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