Crypto PR: 3 Lessons From The Most Successful Initial Exchange Offerings!

Crypto PR: 3 Lessons From The Most Successful Initial Exchange Offerings!

IEOs have swiftly taken over from ICOs as the most popular way for crypto organizations to raise funds for their projects. After the numerous troubles with ICOs, exchange offerings have come with the promise of better security.

Afterall, if you can get a top crypto exchange to stick out their necks for you, you’re probably doing something right.

While the general idea of how IEOs work is easy to grasp, the underlying oil that helps these fundraisers run unbelievably well in some cases are a mystery. Here are some of the key lessons that can be learnt from the most successful offerings.

Always Partner With A Popular Exchange

One of the key ideas behind an IEO is to provide an improved feeling of legitimacy and security around your project. There’s no better way to do that than have the biggest exchanges in the game vet your project and help you with your Crypto PR.

It is no coincidence then that all of the top 5 most successful IEOs were done on the top 5 IEO platforms.

Outside of the positive association, they also have the kind of large user base that can help you reach your fundraising target.

Working With A Crypto PR Agency Pays

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Nothing gets you the attention for a successful IEO like making the right kind of noise. If your project is not an already popular one like BitTorrent’s, you need to get the word out there about it – that’s what a crypto PR agency is about.

The exchange handling IEOs help with some level of PR but it’s not nearly enough. The most successful exchange offerings are backed up by a tremendous amount of PR.

Celer Network (CELR) made the kind of splash it did thanks to such good IEO PR it got. It was the buzz on all top crypto forums and resource sites.

Interestingly, if you are still looking for an exchange to partner with, working with a first-rate crypto PR agency can put you on the right path to attracting them.

Successful Fundraising Does Not Equal Happy Investors

Bitcoin is continuously

While IEOs offer improved safety for investors, there have been some concerns with even the best of them. The centralised nature of these offerings makes investors quite uneasy about market manipulations.

After Binance Launchpad completed the IEO for BitTorrent’s BTT, there was a lot of controversy. Three seconds after the offering started, most users could see that around 28.44% of the BTT on offer had already been purchased. This led to accusations ranging from a lack of transparency to crypto reservation for whales.

Ocean Protocol is another example of a successful IEO that didn’t sit well with quite a number of users. After its launch on Bittrex, it was listed on the exchange and lost 75% of its value, dropping from $0.012 to $0.003 in less than a day.

There was outrage.

An official release came out a week later explaining the cause of the drop to be an early listing in a second exchange which led to a panic among sellers.

It has not been all bad though, MATIC raised $5m via Binance using a lottery system that allowed for some equity in distribution. So far, on the investor end, it has proved to be one of the most satisfying IEOs yet.


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