Crypto Markets Showing Mild Signs of Recovery, BTC Stalls At $7,200

Monday, Nov. 25 — Cryptocurrency markets are showing mild signs of recovery, while Bitcoin (BTC) is fighting to stay above the $7,100 price mark.

Cryptocurrency market daily overview. Source: Coin360

Bitcoin started the day just above the $7,100 price mark, at which point the world’s largest crypto coin bounced off a local low of $6,560, before moving up again to its current trading price near $7,150. After a tumultuous 24 hours, BTC is showing a minor gain of just under 1% on the day.

BTC is down around 12% from the weekly open of $8,100, while, over the month, investors have lost around $1,800 per coin.

Bitcoin daily price chart. Source: Coin360

Bitcoin could spend months trading at $5,500

Commodities trader and technician Peter Brandt recently revealed his belief that BTC could spend months trading at $5,500 before it recovers. The veteran trader became best known as being one of the first analysts who accurately predicted the end of the bull run in December 2017.

“My target of $5,500 is not far below today’s low. But I think the surprise might be in the duration and nature of the market,” he wrote. Brandt continued:

“I am thinking about a low in July 2020. That will wear out bulls quicker than a price correction.”

Well-known statistician and analyst Willy Woo, together with crypto trader Tone Vays, echoed similar sentiments when they said that the threat still remains that Bitcoin will hit $4,500.

Regular Cointelegraph contributor Filb Filb added his opinion to the mix of negative sentiments, saying that for him now was a time to be risk-off:

“I’m totally back in cash now. There doesn’t seem to be obvious sign of reversal. Going to sit on the sidelines until there is more indication.”

Ether (ETH), meanwhile, saw a painful drop in sync with BTC during recent days. The number-one altcoin bounced of its daily low at $134, before moving up to its current trading price of $147 per coin. Ether is showing a mild gain of around 0.7% on the day.


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