– Specialist in Blockchain Employment – Cryptomorrow – Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum is a career search and recruiter website where employers in crypto and blockchain industry can advertise/post jobs in any field and job applicants can not only search for those job positions to apply but also post their CVs that employers can access when looking for who to hire in the positions they want.

The website has now attracted 1355 blockchain jobs on its posting lists in over 8 categories including in tech, design, business development, sales, marketing, operations, customer support and analyst.

With, employers can currently post jobs for free and view and contact applicants of those jobs. Posting jobs costs far much less than what it would cost on many other similar websites. With a $199 upgrade at, an employer who want to post jobs can get access to unlimited applications from employees, have their job post/s highlighted on the website’s home page for 30 days, receive web push instant notifications when candidates subscribe to their job posting, and get featured in the cryptojobs weekly newsletter and also get @GetCryptoJobs tweets to hundreds of developers.

Those willing to hire can post jobs in  the above said categories or include the posting in the “”other” category. Furthermore, an employer can post jobs specifying the country and location the employee is to be located, while candidates up for hire can search for job listings according to their preferred locations or according to job categories. And it is possible for employers to list a job depending on terms of employment: jobs that require remote workers, on site workers, on contract, internship or on a permanent basis.

Employers can also post jobs according to skills they require, specify the salary per month, specify whether it offers equity, and specify whether they are dApp jobs, wallet jobs, smart contract jobs, mining jobs, cryptography jobs, web3 jobs, trading jobs, or solidarity jobs. From their dashboard, employers are able to access their listings for jobs in which they are looking for workers.

For job applicants, you access job listings per job title and company, and then view details of any particular job by clicking on the listing. You can read through to see the skills required and other specifications, as well as to see the compensation if included by the employer, and then apply through website or pick other details such as email or links from descriptions in order to apply. Job applicants do not pay.

The applicant is able to apply for jobs according to their interest and account settings. For instance, if you have set your interests to “remote” during application, then you are able to apply through, those jobs that require “remote workers.”

The application, just as the registration and job posting, is quite a short procedure: you simply post or upload your CV and write down your bio, your top skills and current location, then hit the “Submit Application.” The application is then sent to the employer who posted the job and they will contact you the applicant if they wish to proceed with the application. Applicants can also subscribe for job postings in their categories to be sent to their emails.

Equipping employees also lists resources that can be used by persons to learn more about blockchain, crypto, smart contracts, etc in order to equip themselves for related jobs and careers. For instance, it provides links through which interested people can sign up for courses that offers job-ready skills by learning blockchain programming and doing real world projects, or by learning to develop smart contracts and decentralized applications using Tutorials and tools.

CryptoJobs partners include UseTheBitcoin, Bitfalls, Crypto Acquarium and CryptoAnalyst.

Other job listing services

In comparison with other similar services such as Crypto Jobs List, an employer can post a job trial for free and review applicants’ bio and location, but the contact details and resumes are hidden until payment. The starting package is $199 at Crypto Jobs List and other packages depend on the number of job positions you want to post. A package of 3 jobs at same site will cost $537, 6 job postings will cost $955, and 9 jobs $1,253. One can choose to pay in Bitcoins.

Crypto Job List has now attracted 18939+ job applications and over 1000 jobs submitted by more than 500 crypto startups.

Other places to search for crypto and blockchain jobs include Cryptocurrency Jobs, Crypto Jobs, All Crypto Jobs, Thoughtful Jobs, Work in Crypto, AngelList, Cryptocurrencyjobs, Crypto Recruit,, Blockchain Job, Cuyn, BlockRepublic, Cryptohire, Bounties Network, Satoshi Careers, Latium, Blockchain Jobseeker, the list is endless.

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