Crypto Investors Favored Hillary in 2016, But Crypto Whales Voted Trump

  • Crypto investors supported Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by a wide margin in the 2016 election.
  • But those who supported Trump have invested significantly more of their savings in cryptocurrency.
  • Libertarian Gary Johnson was almost as unpopular with crypto investors as the general population.

A recent survey of the political affiliations among cryptocurrency investors found that crypto owners voted for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by a wide margin in the 2016 election. 46% of survey respondents said they voted for Hillary in 2016.

President Trump trailed far behind his Democratic rival in the survey, with 34% reporting they voted for the president. The actual popular vote percentages for Hillary and Trump were 48% and 46% respectively.

So these survey results show a dramatic skew toward the left among voters who own cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ether, Ripple, and EOS. The survey was conducted by the creators of Clovr, an iGaming and eSports token geared to mainstream adoption. Respondents were 70 percent male, 29.5 percent female, and 0.5 percent “other.”

Kip Wright, project manager for Clovr, said:

We can expect these trends to continue as we get closer towards the 2020 election. Andrew Yang has been vocal about wanting to bring in a national framework on cryptocurrencies. This certainly bodes well for the progressive trendline.

And recently it seems like the rest of the Democratic field is cribbing their talking points from Andrew Yang’s platform, so we might hear more about crypto from Democrats in 2020.

Surprising Survey of Crypto Political Leanings

One might have expected the survey results to be more representative of the general population, or even to skew Republican. After all cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are ushering in a free market of competing currencies, and turning money into a product that can be designed with a variety of features and benefits for consumers to pick from. That sounds like something Paul Ryan supporters…

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