Crypto index investing platform Libertypool chooses ONC for asset storage

Onchain Custodian (ONC), a global, standardized, insured and compliant custody service for crypto-assets, announced today that crypto index investing platform Libertypool has joined as its newest client.

Since October 2019, Libertypool has been working with Onchain Custodian for safe, secure and insured storage of their investor’s digital assets.

ONC + Libertypool

ONC provides a focused approach to security, operational efficiency, and risk management to institutional players holding cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Libertypool’s investment platform is simple and intuitive, making it easy for both experienced and retail investors to start investing in its crypto index.

Based on the CCi30 index, Libertypool’s portfolio is made up of the top crypto assets and covers more than 90% of the entire blockchain market. Distributing funds with a unique, data-backed formula helps reduce risk while ensuring the portfolio is best suited to gain from the growth in the crypto industry.

The portfolio is balanced every month based on research and market trends thus easing investors’ pain of having to deal with multiple exchanges or platforms. Investors can simply take a backseat and ride on the crypto index investments, as opposed to active investment management.

“The Onchain Custodian team is professional and responsive, so we are glad to have them look after the security of our clients’ digital assets.”
– Libertypool Founder and CEO, Yu Yamanaka

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