Crypto Fund Research: Market Intelligence That Helps Investors Navigate Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds and Venture Capital Opportunities

In a Nutshell: While traditional hedge funds have a long and storied history, players in the world of crypto are still sorting themselves out. Investing opportunities abound in crypto, but what’s been missing is a means for surfacing the right bets on behalf of a growing community of institutional, high-net-worth, and family investors looking to make crypto funds part of their portfolios. Crypto Fund Research fills that gap. Its carefully vetted database of more than 800 crypto hedge funds and other alternative vehicles serves as source material for a suite of products aimed at different investment use cases.

As alternative investments have grown and diversified since the creation of the first hedge fund in 1949, indices have risen to compile data and offer analytics and services around the various opportunities.

Meanwhile, around 2009, cryptocurrency entered the financial landscape, and now thousands of currencies and blockchain- and crypto-related projects vie for investment attention.

Depending on how you look at it, crypto’s inherent anonymity as a transaction medium can be seen as an advantage or a disadvantage. It’s not too much to say, however, that it’s attracted a fair share of bad actors to the space.

That’s why, until recently, traditional larger-scale investors tended to shy away, leaving the crypto realm mostly to early adopters, technology fans, and the libertarian-minded.

But when Bitcoin took off on its astronomical rise in late 2017 and the public began to realize how much money was actually in crypto, things began to change. Not coincidentally, a slew of new investment products rose to compete with early, established crypto funds.

Founder and CEO of Crypto Fund Research, Josh Gnaizda

Josh Gnaizda, Founder and CEO of Crypto Fund Research.

This was evidence of crypto entering a more mature phase. And, with his more than 10 years’ experience operating his own company as a hedge fund analyst, Josh Gnaizda saw that. Crypto Fund Research is the result.

“We started seeing interest from consulting…

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