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Swapzone is a platform that assists users to swap cryptocurrency freely. The interface lets a user convert crypto directly from one’s wallet, without having to create an account or register. The work is ensured by the support of exchanges listed integrated to Swapzone. Besides, the service helps to compare different providers and find a suitable deal for handling the transaction securely, rapidly and at the best rate.

Swapzone focuses on aggregating cryptocurrency exchange deals. In the process of a swap, you will learn about exchanges available and how much you can get out of the transaction. The exchanges themselves can be completed without leaving Swapzone.

Swapzone currently operates with ten exchange platforms. The assets supported range vastly, as well – the service has more than 200 coins and tokens on board. The process of transferring funds is easy to manage, plus the site gives you complete details on the services and the swap.

What Swapzone Provides

Swapzone provides information on platforms that process exchanges. These include prominent choices as ChangeNOW, CoinSwitch, Changelly, SimpleSwap, FixedFloat, ChangeAngel, and more. You will not have to leave the Swapzone website to exchange your currency with any of these providers.

To make the right choice Swapzone provides their users with the following information:

  • Specific data on exchanges – the customer reviews and ratings to help you get a full picture of the exchange space

  • Estimated time to complete the transaction

  • The total rate for the transfer as well as the fees

  • Whether the rate is fixed or floating

  • The KYC details for the transfer

The content helps you in making the best judgment when choosing the service for swapping.

How to Use Swapzone?

The process of using Swapzone is quite simple. Here are the steps you will need to follow:

  1. Go to the main page and choose the currency you would like to swap.

  2. Choose the currency you would like to receive in exchange and enter the amount.

  3. Review the exchanges to see which ones are right for you. You can sort your results based on the top rate, the fastest service, and the best rating from the service provider.

  4. Confirm which exchange you want to use and click Exchange. Then, enter the wallet address that you wish to use.

  5. Send in the deposit to the generated wallet address and wait for the transaction to be processed.

A Universal Exchange Solution

What makes Swapzone ideal is that it provides a better array of exchange pairs along with the details needed to make an informed choice. You can run with more than 200 assets for the exchange.

Swapzone also has a complete design that gives you a general description of each exchange and the KYC details for work. The support line, too, takes on the job of solving the cases by cooperating with the partners.

What Makes It Different From Others?

Swapzone might be not the only aggregator in the space, but it certainly stands out from the usual array. The main advantages are being the full mediator for the users and the exchanges, providing the relevant information, and offering a wider range of partners and coins to choose from. Besides, you can use the service itself to complete your exchanges – there is no need to go to any other platforms.

Full Information on Trades

Swapzone also has various articles that provide extra details on how to complete cryptocurrency trades using the platform. You can visit the learn section to read articles on how different currencies work, the difference between an exchange and a wallet, and how you can find the best rates. The knowledge base on the site is always growing with new content.

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