Crypto exchange launches search tool for blockchain-related terms

Crypto exchange launches search tool for blockchain-related terms

Chinese cryptocurrency exchange has announced the official launch of a search tool that will allow users to quickly query blockchain-related terms and insights.

Called “Cryptopedia,” the tool can be accessed by clicking “Help”- “Cryptopedia” and will help enhance the knowledge of blockchain technology among users.

“Currently, Cryptopedia covers terms from the blockchain and financial sectors, as well as crypto slang used between traders. Users can search either by clicking the initial letters, using the search bar, or just by simply browsing through all the available terms,” said.

The exchange is now inviting users and blockchain professionals to provide suggestions and feedback on the new platform.

“Please click the buttons on the top right of each term if you wish to add more content or would like to help revise and improve the definitions,” it added.

GateChain and Gatechain Token

Earlier this year, raised $64 million for the launch of its own exchange cryptocurrency, Gatechain Token (GT). Gatechain Token is the native cryptocurrency of’s proprietary public blockchain, GateChain, CoinDesk reported. Gatechain Testnet was launched on September 30.

“Gatechain creatively solves security issues such as losing private keys and asset being stolen,” the exchange said. “GateChain eco comprises GateChain mainnet, GateChain DEX, GateChain Token (GT), wallets, etc. Them forms a decentralized eco characterized by enterprise-grade safety and efficiency for digital asset storage, issuance and trading, presents a novel solution to blockchain transaction safety.”

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