Crypto Energy News: Integrated Ventures’ (OTC: $INTV) Recent Deal With PetaWatt is Gamechanger: Cheap Energy + 6,000 BTC Making Mining Profitable Again

May 10, 2019 ( Newswire) Reports: Integrated Ventures, Inc (OTCQB: INTV), currently trading at lower levels of its 52-week price range, is a pure play on bitcoin mining, but market forces have pushed it to evolve and adapt to extreme bear market conditions in the price of Bitcoin. Bitcoin mining is literally becoming a story of the survival of the fittest. The biggest variable in a mining operation boils down to the cost of the mining rigs and the cost of electricity. The players that can adapt and survive in the coming boom and bust cycles are the best of breed companies. INTV fits the mold because not only does it mine but its involved in other activities that generate cash flow. These activities include; hosting, co-location, mining pools and mining equipment sales.

The most important variable cost in mining is the cost of power and INTV has come up with brilliant strategy to secure its place as a mining powerhouse with signing of a multi year hosting and marketing agreement with PetaWatt, LLC, located in upstate NY. By gaining access to the lowest price for power (under $.05/kwh), the company have procured a solution to become the lowest cost cryptocurrency player in the Northeast and possibly the nation. Most bitcoin miners are paying anywhere between $.06-12 kw/h. The PetaWatt’s capacity of 120 MW has the capacity to power up to 100,000 mining rigs. It rivals the prices paid by miners, located in Wenatchee with very cheap hydroelectric power. In the volatile space of cryptocurrency, INTV came up with the most grounded and cost-effective model in the sector, which again not only allows them to survive a unpredictable crypto market but to deliver much higher profit margins relative to the market fluctuations. That upward shift is potentially happening as we speak.

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