Crypto Donations: Here’s How You Can Help Australia – Spotlight

Bushfires are ravaging the beautiful continent of Australia. Here’s what the crypto community can do.

For example, turn to crypto donations.

Regrettably, an immense fire has engulfed the continent. As a result of it, millions of animals, including the rare koalas, are dead. Thousands of people have lost their homes. The country’s army is now helping to put an end to the horrible development.

Two days ago, a specialized BTC donation fund was set up to help Australia overcome the tragedy. In a tweet, Alex Saunders, CEO & Founder , calls on the crypto community to show the world the power of Bitcoin.

He adds, “All donations are going to the Rural Fire Service.” He also mentions the BTC address: 38gi89vKr7VPCcwdoY2coTha86rfDHeyAR

The suggestion has been supported by a number of high profile figures. Like Mattie Greenspan, founder of His tweet on the issue is succinct and reads, “Donate to Australian Fire Fighters with Bitcoin.”

Besides, it is also possible to donate, using altcoins. They include Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Binance Coin (BNB). The addresses stand as follows:

ETH: 0x2cc057d7e6a9c1e56397c147405142066e2b0d02

BCH: 1MhhFwyQmNfynWxfD9qnXGqRhFvzhc6Qjo

LTC: MA1tScyPucdR8qt8MNdUPCgNthyPwYencb

BNB: bnb165r4pxe862hetuz2l3wt4yx43uhh4ph9u0ptz6 MEMO: 682855254

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