Crypto Derivatives Giant BitMEX Is Losing Its Power: Analyst


According to cryptocurrency analyst Charles Edwards, the power of BitMEX, the leading derivatives exchange, is slowly fading. 

Edwards defines the past two years as the “BitMEX era” given that the exchange represented the lion’s share of all cryptocurrency trading volume. While the Arthur Hayes-helmed crypto monolith is still responsible for 56 percent of all volume, it’s far past its glory days when it controlled more than 80 percent back in September 2018.

The largest casino

BitMEX, which ushered into the nascent crypto scene back in 2014, quickly became a huge success story because of its perpetual swap contracts that offer up to 100x contracts. TokenAnalyst co-founder Sid Shekhar called it “the biggest casino ever.”          

While the interest in trading cryptocurrency derivatives is stronger than ever, BitMEX is gradually becoming a less significant player in the industry since it faced some strong competition. As reported by U.Today, Binance’s futures platforms that were launched back in September are already breathing down its neck.     

The Seychelles-based made headlined after it faced an investigation by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). US citizens are prohibited from using the exchange.         

$200 Mln Worth of Bitcoin Longs Liquidated on BitMEX After Massive BTC Price Crash

More regulated volume

Bakkt, the crypto futures exchange owned by Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), recently recorded a 100x increase in its daily trading volume. Alex Krüger since September opined that more regulated volume was a very positive development for the industry. 

Part of the reason why the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is so reluctant to approve a Bitcoin ETF is that cryptocurrency trading primarily takes place on unregulated exchanges in the likes of BitMEX.  

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