Crypto Community Gets Prepping as Coronavirus Spreads

Crypto Twitter (CT) might not be the first place you’d think to look for pandemic survival strategies, but in recent weeks the community has gone into overdrive, busily discussing scenarios related to COVID-19 aka the coronavirus. While some figures have merely wondered what effect the outbreak will have on the bitcoin market, others have started comparing prep notes in anticipation of doomsday.

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Crypto Twitter: Corona Takeover

Messari founder Ryan Selkis was one of the first major figures from CT to get under the hood of this thing: on February 10 he expanded Messari’s daily newsletter to include the latest coronavirus developments. Mentioning that he had prepared a “what if” disaster plan complete with supplies, travel protocol, and even Messari policy changes, Selkis linked readers to a shared gdoc which summarized the outbreak, provided historical background and real-time updates, and was chock full of hyperlinks for further reading. A Twitter list of “the people I’m following most closely for new developments and studies of the virus” was also created.

Of course, crypto was referenced in passing, with Selkis noting that the potential pandemic “will tell us quite a bit about how bitcoin and crypto ecosystems respond to disruptive macro events at this type of scale.”

Since the newsletter was published, various figures from the cryptosphere have weighed in. U.S.-based exchange Kraken revealed that it had a “global collapse and pandemic survival strategy in place since our founding in 2011” while touting its “remote-first, decentralized team of 800+.”

Crypto Community Gets Prepping as Coronavirus Spreads

Binance founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao, meanwhile, announced that the platform had donated 10 million RMB worth of medical supplies via its Charity Foundation: the fund paid for everything from nitrile gloves and masks to disinfection liquid, protective suits and oxygen…

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