Pay Expands Support to All ERC-20 Wallets

CRO payment utility has been given another boost following the latest news that Pay now supports transactions for any ERC-20 compatible wallet. Pay is the payment merchant developed by cryptocurrency exchange platform

Meanwhile, the CRO token is continuing on its upward trajectory and is up by over 500% year-to-date. The company is also facilitating a token swap that will see MCO coins replaced with the CRO tokens.

CRO Payments Now Possible from All ERC-20 Wallets

The company announced the news via a blog post posted on its website last week. According to the press statement, Pay users can now initiate transactions with CRO tokens from any ERC-20 compatible wallet.

Given the about 30 million ERC-20 wallets currently in use, the move potentially opens up CRO payment utility to more users across the world. With merchants like Ledger and interfacing with Pay, the expansion to cover all ERC-20 wallets could mean seamless transacting with CRO coins.

An excerpt from the blog post reads:

This is a big milestone in CRO utility, and a major step towards widespread adoption of CRO. Now, anyone with an ERC-20 wallet can transact with Pay merchants such as Ledger, BC Vault, and Those merchants will benefit from a large customer base using 30M+ ERC-20 wallets, regardless of which wallet customers choose to use.

Transacting on the Pay platform typically comes with zero transaction fees. Payment settlements only attract a 0.5% commission meaning that users enjoy savings of up to 80%.

The expanded CRO payment field may also offer profound implication for the crypto rebate arena. CRO payments already attract Pay Rewards cashback even when not facilitated from the App wallet.

Crypto rebates are reportedly becoming a viable channel for onboarding more cryptocurrency adopters. Companies like Plutus and Lolli are simplifying the process of earning rewards and loyalty points for…

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