Crypto Briefing’s CB10 Index Yearly Returns Top Ethereum

Key Takeaways

  • Crypto Briefing’s CB10 portfolio reconstitution for March resulted in increased allocation in Bitcoin and Cardano’s ADA.
  • The increasing concerns about Ethereum’s rising fees seems to have created a strong tailwind for competition.
  • Dogecoin entered the CB10 index replacing AAVE.

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Crypto Briefing’s CB10 experimental index was able to cushion the recent downtrend in ETH. This protection was thanks to diversification and disciplined investment in the top ten cryptocurrencies weighted by market capitalization on CoinGecko for U.S. investors.

Crypto Briefing CB10 Index Performance

The CB10 crypto index returned 44.4% in February.

A hypothetical $1,000 invested on Jan. 5 grew to $1,080 (yielding 8%) by month’S end and has risen by another $491 in February. 

crypto briefing
CB10 portfolio Update on Mar. 4 before rebalancing.

The cumulative return in CB10 since formation at the beginning of the year is 57.7%. In comparison, BTC has risen by 59.5% and ETH 27.5% year-to-date. The index’s performance closely tracked the alpha cryptocurrency’s price action. 

cb10 rebalance
CB10, Bitcoin and Ethereum Performance in February.

The rising gas fees on Ethereum showed cracks in ETH price as the market’s liquidity flew to alternative projects. Numerous DeFi projects in 1inch, Compound, The Graph, and others expanded their reach beyond Ethereum. 

Ethereum’s competition in Binance Smart Chain and Cardano grabbed the market’s main attention as BNB and ADA gained 360% and 175% since Feb. 1.  

BNB (blue), ADA (orange), DOT (light blue), and ETH (yellow) price comparison since Feb 1. Source: Trading View

In February, across crypto markets, another notable trend was the shift back to native Layer 1 tokens compared to DeFi governance tokens.

Rebalancing CB10 for March 

The reconstitution of the CB10 portfolio was successful at 10: 20 am EST on Mar. 4. The updated distribution of hypothetical $1,000 can be found here

Ethereum was the…

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