Crypto Asset Goes Viral, As TikTok Users Plan Coordinated Pump

One particular “practically worthless” crypto asset is going viral on TikTok. Users are attempting to pump the price of the altcoin to $1 or more, through the power of the social media app.

The altcoin’s hashtag has already amassed nearly 3 million views and counting, aiming to reach the platform’s over 800 million users. The asset’s price has been responding, but could this simply be the start of alt season, or is TikTok really behind the surge?

The Bizarre Birth of Dogecoin Through Today

Dogecoin was created as a joke currency in 2013 based on the Shiba Inu internet meme Doge.

The altcoin has little to no use case. However, crypto investors either utilize it to move funds from one platform to another or use it as an indicator for alt season.

When Dogecoin rallies, it typically signals irrational exuberance in the crypto market. It’s this emotional state that causes “practically worthless” altcoins to pump dramatically.

DOGEBTC | Source: TradingView

It happened during the peak FOMO frenzy during the crypto bubble. And it’s happening again now.

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However, recent gains in Dogecoin may not be a signal alt season is here, as it’s done so in the past. The latest rally in the altcoin could be due to the popular social media app, TikTok.

Crypto Asset Spikes 17% After Going Viral On TikTok

Dogecoin has gone viral on TikTok due to a new #DogecoinChallenge sweeping the app.

It’s not clear where the idea originated, but several TikTok users have been sharing videos urging users of the platform to invest just $25 into DOGE. They refer to the cryptocurrency as “practically worthless.” But they intend to change that.

Due to the asset’s low…

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