Crypterium Introduces Global Crypto Payments Card

Crypterium – a financial technology startup based in Estonia — launched the Crypterium Card, the first crypto card available globally.

Prior to this launch, crypto cards, such as the Coinbase Card, were only accessible in specific countries or by region, according to the company. Coinbase recently announced it would roll out services to six additional European countries after being only available for users in the U.K.

Crypterium believes that crypto cards are the “easiest and fastest way for holders to access their digital currencies,” but were concerned availability was too limited or arbitrary to make it a legitimate option for crypto payments on the world stage.

“By ‘global’ we mean that no matter where people are based, they can order and receive it in only 3 business days,” said Matias Lapuschin, in an email to CoinDesk. This point is repeated on the company website, that “no matter where you are based,” a Crypterium Card can be shipped to your door.

The company has already tested the payment services through 5,000 Estonian clients who preordered, to confirm it works as a payment option.

Card developers also tested the product while travelling to cryptocurrency conferences across the world, using the prepaid plastic to purchase goods and services in bitcoin, ether, and litecoin across the Americas, Asia and Europe, thus confirming the advertised claim of global application, Siranush Sharoyan, company representative, told CoinDesk in an interview.

Interest in the card is admittedly concentrated in regions where banking services are less developed, such as in South America and Southeast Asia, according to Sharoyan. Though she also said there are a number of requests coming from the U.S.

The card is linked to the Crypterium App, which has over 500,000 users in the U.S. and U.K. Those that are interested will need to provide proof of identity — passport, national ID or driver’s license — and proof of residence in the…

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