Crucial Moment for BTC, Bull Run Prediction, Halving Frenzy: Hodler’s Digest, Apr. 20–26

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Top Stories This Week

Bitcoin pushes to clear $7,750 as key weekly close approaches

It’s a nail-biting time for Bitcoin owners. The cryptocurrency mounted a strong rebound and surged from $6,800 to $7,600 this week — with a dramatic surge on Thursday taking many traders by surprise. But the question now is whether these higher prices are here to stay. On Sunday, Bitcoin needed to hold above $7,475 or else its price was prone to retest underlying support levels. Two technical factors could push BTC to $8,000 near-term as traders anticipate a strong weekly close. Some Cointelegraph analysts, such as Michaël van de Poppe, also believe BTC has the potential to hit $9,000 — with just over two weeks to go until the halving. Alas, there are also signs that the upsurge was a bull trap, not least because altcoins aren’t rallying in tandem with BTC. The Crypto Fear & Greed Index shows investors remain extremely cautious about Bitcoin’s short-term prospects. Currently, the score stands at 21 — “extreme fear.”

Bloomberg: Bitcoin is setting up for a 2017-like bull run

A new Bloomberg report this week was exceedingly flattering about Bitcoin and suggested that the cryptocurrency is preparing for a mahoosive bull run. The report claimed that Bitcoin and gold stand to be “primary beneficiaries” of the coronavirus-induced market turmoil. With BTC’s correlation to the precious metal hitting all-time highs, it added that Bitcoin could be about to transition from a “risk-on speculative asset to the crypto market’s version of gold.” The “Bitcoin Maturation Leap” report adds that the inception of BTC futures has tamed “the raging bull market” — with authors predicting that volatility will…

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