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Ren, an open protocol that enables the permissionless and private transfer of value between any blockchain, which is slowly building up its mainnet launch, today introduced the Ren Alliance.

The Ren Alliance is a consortium of DeFi companies and/or projects that are helping secure, develop, and utilize RenVM. Bringing cross-chain assets to Ethereum will expand the utility of DeFi by introducing larger collateral types into the ecosystem. By joining the Ren Alliance, the aim is to bolster this utility by ensuring RenVM is a robust and permissionless tool for all of DeFi.

Three Aspects of the Ren Alliance

1) Utility – Integrating RenVM or adding renBTC, renZEC, etc.

The premise is simple, if you’d like to bring cross-chain assets to your DeFi app then this area of involvement is for you. Whether it’s using GatewayJS or RenJS to provide a native cross-chain UX to your dApp/wallet, or just adding RenVM’s cross-chain ERC-20s to your platform.

The first cohort of utility members: Aave, AirSwap, Authereum, Bit Team, bZx Protocol, Curve Finance, dDAi, DeFiZap, DexWallet, Flare Wallet, Fortmatic, Futureswap,, Incognito, Matic Network, Mosendo, PieDAO, Roundabout,, Totle, YOLORekt.

2) Security – Increasing RenVM security via Darknodes

By running a Darknode(s) in the semi-decentralized core, your team is helping guarantee RenVM’s safety while it’s being bootstrapped during the Mainnet SubZero phase. Setting up a Darknode is easy and takes about 15 minutes to install. If you would like more info on the semi-decentralized core or what it takes to run a Darknode, let Ren know here.

The first cohort of security members: Curve Finance, Kyber, Polychain Capital, Synapse Capital, Totle.

3) Development – Helping develop RenVM

If you’d like to help educate the public or develop ancillary services to make RenVM a better product then this is the category of involvement best…

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