CRO Token Rise Continues After Token Swap coin (CRO) is continuing to experience a bullish price advance as the cryptocurrency trading services finalizes the transition from MCO to CRO tokens. Such is the extent of the parabolic price gains for CRO that it is now in the top-10 rankings based on market capitalization

The price surge for CRO has not been without controversy with some MCO token holders accusing of insider trading in the platform’s token swap bid. However, MCO has seen a resurgence in price in August.

CRO up 460% Since Black Thursday

According to data from crypto market aggregator Coingecko, the CRO token price has gained over 460% since Black Thursday (mid-March 2020). Indeed, the crash of March 12 interrupted the coin’s advance that began in late 2019.

CRO token price continues to rise
Source: Coingecko

CRO was not alone in seeing a decline at the time as panic over the coronavirus saw investors liquidating their assets for cash. The crypto market as a whole shed about 50% of its value but has since recovered.

For CRO, the post-Black Friday recovery has been one of the most significant in the crypto market. On the whole, the token is up about 470% year-to-date (YTD) making it one of the year’s best performers.

Earlier in August, announced plans for a token swap between MCO and CRO. MCO holders have been given the option of exchanging their holdings for the CRO token.

The swap is expected to run until the start of November. However, early bird swappers who complete the process before September 2, stand the chance of earning a 20% bonus in CRO which can be staked for six months.

According to’s announcement earlier in the month, the swapping takes place exclusively within the platform’s wallet app. Thus, MCO holders who have their tokens stored in other services have to move their coins to a wallet before being able to exchange them for CRO.

The token swap announcement has also helped to trigger even more upward movement in the CRO price. As of the time of…

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