Crash Bandicoot Is the PS5 Exclusive Sony Must Reveal Today

  • New Crash Bandicoot games have been the topic of speculation for the past year.
  • Many fans expect a new game to be revealed at today’s PS5 event.
  • If Sony is smart, they’ll use Crash nostalgia as a selling point for their next-gen console.

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) “reveal” event is mere hours away, and speculation continues to rage about how much of the console we’ll get to see – and what games Sony will announce. With all due respect to God of War, I’m most excited about a different franchise: Crash Bandicoot.

There have already been rumors that the orange marsupial would be returning to console soon. And a new merch leak suggests things are about to go off for Crash fans in a big way.

This merch has a supposed release date of Summer 2020, although that is subject to change. | Source: Twitter

All signs point to a new Crash Bandicoot game featuring prominently in today’s PS5 event. If it doesn’t, it’ll be hard to see it as anything but a missed opportunity for Sony.

Crash Bandicoot Is a PlayStation Icon

For cynical gaming executives, nostalgia means one thing these days: big bucks.

And you don’t even need to look beyond Crash Bandicoot for evidence. The N.Sane Trilogy sold over 10 million copies. That’s more than a quarter of what the entire series had sold prior to its “comeback.”

Crash Bandicoot nostalgia would be a perfect selling point for the PS5. | Source: Pe3k/

That’s proof enough that Crash Bandicoot is a popular – and lucrative – IP. And considering that the franchise got its start with PlayStation, Sony would have to be mad not to leverage that nostalgia on the eve of the next console generation.

There’s reason to believe that’s exactly what Sony plans to do. On some of the leaked merch listings, the “License” field reads “PlayStation.” Either this is a typo, or Sony has made a huge deal with Activision.

It wouldn’t be that much of a shock. After all, Sony…

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