Could Ethereum’s computing power help halt the COVID-19 pandemic?

Authorities have repeatedly emphasized that the current measures against COVID-19 are not meant to halt the pandemic, but only to slow it down. The only way to stop it is to find a suitable medicine for those who are already ill and a vaccine for those who aren’t infected yet. This makes it all the more important that medical research for such drugs and vaccines is carried out at full speed. But what does this have to do with crypto? The Ethereum network is now participating in precisely this type of medical research, with some miners providing computing power.

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Ethereum Miner provide GPUs for research

Normally, in the crypto area, people are more interested in exchange rates. With the current events worldwide, on the one hand, cryptocurrency rates are becoming more interesting due to the high volatility. On the other hand, they are also less important, just thinking of the humanitarian scale of this crisis. This makes it all the more encouraging to see that some of the largest players in the crypto sector are now also contributing to overcoming the COVID-19 crisis.

As the crypto news site Coindesk reported, Ethereum miner “CoreWeave” is now providing 6,000 GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) to participate in a research project run by Stanford University called Folding@home. The goal of Folding@home is to connect as many computers as possible worldwide into a decentralized supercomputer, in order to use this computing power for medical research, including research against the new coronavirus.

The 6,000 GPUs provided by CoreWeave represent only 0.2% of the total computing power in the Ethereum network, but they are said to have doubled the computing power of the Folding@home network.

Can Ethereum’s computing power make a contribution?

The co-founder and CTO of CoreWeave,…

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